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THE Cleveland Source for Wallpaper Hanging Tools.

Since 1905, our experience in the wallpaper business as Cleveland’s and NE Ohio’s leading wallpaper store, have prepared U.S. Wallcovering to provide you with the best of everything–the best wallpaper, borders and murals from the United States and around the world, the best home design consultants, the best customer service, the best wallcovering shopping experience, the best wallpaper installation instruction and the best wallpaper supplies. Below is a listing of the some of the wallpaper installation supplies you may want to consider purchasing to ensure a perfect wallpaper/border/mural installation. We have a full supply of these items in a variety of materials and at different price points, all at discounted prices. We have the right tools for all types of wallpaper and border installations whether it is pasted or unpasted, vinyl, grasscloth, foil or embossed product. And we offer free workshops to teach you the techniques for a perfect wallcovering installation. Call us at 440-777-9797 with any questions or e-mail us at uswallcovering@yahoo.com. We look forward to talking with you or greeting you at our showroom located at 23328 Lorain Road at the corner of Clague and Lorain on Cleveland’s westside..


Roller Covers

Sizing Products

Plastic Smoothers

Snap off Cutters with replacement blades

Scissors—long and sharp



Plum Lines (At U.S. Wallcovering we prefer creating a plum line by attaching a thread to a putty knife rather than a conventional plum line because of the possibility of discoloring paper with the blue dye of a conventional plum line)



Seam Adhesives and Repair Kits

Vinyl Over Vinyl Adhesives

Border Over Paint Adhesives


Drop Cloths




Putty Knives and Scrapers

Seam Rollers



U.S. Wallcovering, The Home of 4000 Creative Ideas.

23328 Lorain Road, Cleveland, OH 44070

Phone: 440-777-9797

e-mail: uswallcovering@yahoo.com

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