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THE Cleveland Source for Wallpaper Primer.

At Cleveland’s premier wallpaper store, U.S. Wallcovering, we want to make certain every installation is perfectly planned and executed. Our 105 years of experience have prepared us to provide you with the best advice on wallpaper installation techniques. We know what is a tried and true method and what does not work. We have led workshops on installation techniques and spend a lot of face time with customers detailing the best methods for getting the very best wallpaper, border or mural installation.

Primer/Sealer is a very important part of the installation process.

Primer/Sealerrefers to a base coating designed for use under wallcovering to seal porous surfaces prior to hanging. It helps the wallcovering adhere by blocking the wall’s capacity to absorb moisture from the paste. It makes hanging and removing easier. We always recommend hanging over a well primed surface. Use a primer-sealer formulated especially for wallcovering.

There are three types of Primers:

1. Oil-based Primer. Is a very good choice because it dries more slowly and allows for a thicker millage or surface coating to build up.

2. Acrylic Primer. Dries faster than other Primers. A good Acrylic Primer helps minimize porosity.

3. Alcohol-based Primer. Factories discourage use of this Primer under wallcovering because the liquid in the adhesive that is being applied to the wallcovering might react adversely to the shellac base in the alcohol-based Primer.

At U.S. Wallcovering we offer four alternative Primer-Sealers ranging in price from $11.95/gallon to $27.95/gallon. The product is available in gallon and quart sizes and there is always a sufficient stock on hand to handle any size job. One of our Design Consultants will gladly guide you in your selection of the right product for your job. Please call us at 440-777-9797 with any questions, to arrange for a phone consultation or to schedule a one-on-one tutorial at our showroom.

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