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Current advances in wallpaper design and construction make it really easy to change the look of your walls as often as you wish with a minimum of effort. However, to get the very best bonding of paper to the surface it is important to use the proper adhesive. At U.S. Wallcovering we offer a range of different options suited for specific installations.

There has been a dramatic resurgence in the use of wallcovering. The knowledge we have acquired being in business over a century (since 1905) has positioned us to be your best source for information related to all aspects of the wallcovering industry. Over the years we have had experience with many different adhesive products and it is this experience which allows us to help you make the best decision on the right product for your wallpaper, wall border or mural installation project.

A few terms commonly used to describe wallpaper hanging products are Sizing, Adhesives, Activators etc. Below is a brief definition of each product followed by a detailed description of the preferred installation method as developed by Gary Levine, President of U.S. Wallcovering, whose knowledge base has increased over the years through direct contact with the leading manufacturers of application products.

U.S. Wallcovering has launched its very own blog and upcoming issues of the blog, entitled, ‘For the Love of Wallpaper’, will feature videos of some of the techniques discussed below. You can reach the blog by clicking on the link on the right side of the U.S.Wallcovering home page or on the Blog button on the top of the U.S.Wallcovering home page.

Sizing: Sizing is an often misunderstood term which is a throwback to the initial days of the wallpaper industry when walls were primarily plaster in composition and wallpapers were constructed of different substrates. Sizing was a substance designed to be put on the wall to test for wallpaper readiness. If brown spots appeared it was an indication the plaster wall had not completely cured.

Today, walls are made of drywall and if plaster is used, it has a different composition from the product of years ago. Therefore, Sizing, as previously defined, is no longer necessary. Although the term is still in current use, it now refers to a product to be applied to the wall before hanging a pre-pasted wallpaper.

Adhesives: A class of products that assist with the application of wallpaper to wall surfaces. There are three primary types of Adhesives: Activator, Dry Adhesives (Powder) and Pre-Mixed Adhesives. Each category is designed for specific projects and offers its own advantages.

Activator. A wetting agent with a small concentration of adhesive that is used on pre-pasted wallpaper. It is tempting to use a water box with pre-pasted wallpaper as this has been the method of preparing pre-pasted paper for many years. But now, Activator is preferred over the use of a water box because it gives wallpaper the adequate amount of time to expand and become stable.

Activator is designed for use with pre-pasted wallpaper. It is not required for the installation of borders.

Some common manufacturer names for Activator products are Roman, Gardner-Gibson and Zinsser. The price range for Activators is $13-20/gallon.

Dry Adhesive Powders. Powders are used with non-pasted wallcoverings. There are two types of Powders: Wheat Based and Cellulose. Powders are mixed with water and are less expensive than pre-mixed adhesives. For example, an 8-oz. box of powder can be purchased for under $10.

Wheat-Based Powder. Not to be used behind vinyl wallcovering or other non-porous materials. Only to be used with wallpapers or other porous materials.

Cellulose Powder. To be used with light-weight vinyl wallcovering.

Pre-Mixed Adhesive. Typically used with non-pasted wallcoverings. Offers a stronger bond than powders. There are two categories of Pre-Mixed Adhesive: Clear and Clay-based.

Clear. Non-staining. To be used with lightweight and heavier vinyls.

Clay-based. Much stronger. To be used with heavyweight wallcovering materials.

The price range for Pre-mixed Adhesives of both varieties is in the range of $15-20/gallon.

As Easy as 1-2-3 Wallpaper Hanging Tips: Once the wall is properly prepared (see section on Wall Prep Materials) apply adhesive to paper with a brush or roller (roller is easier), then fold over paper from each end towards the middle so pasted side is against pasted side, roll paper up (prevents edges from curling) and let it rest for 7-8 minutes. This is referred to as the booking process. This allows the paper to absorb moisture and expand naturally. You are now ready to hang your paper. With these easy steps your wallpaper will be hung perfectly and your wall and room will look wonderful. Call us with any questions or stop by the store for a one-on-one tutorial.

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